Continuing Education & Training

Academy Medical Systems has a host of continuing education products specializing in diabetes and diabetes related subjects. These include webinars that can be viewed live or recorded; on demand presentations (home study courses) of recently completed webinars that can be completed in as little as a day; and, policy & procedure and reference manuals.

AADE provides online and in-person continuing education (CE) opportunities. These CE offerings enable you to learn new tools and techniques, network with your peers and strengthen your application knowledge.

Diabetes Pro and the American Diabetes Association provide a website with Live Programs, Online Activities, Print Activities and Opportunities without Credit.

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The Diabetes/Metabolic series focuses on traditional and newly developed therapies for the care and treatment of patients with Type II Diabetes and/or metabolic syndrome.

Modules include:

Joslin Diabetes Center is a leader in pioneering approaches to continuing education for healthcare professionals. Joslin's CME and CE activities promote the highest standards of care, drawing on up-to-date medical literature as well as cutting-edge research conducted at Joslin to provide current, relevant, and evidence-based findings from Joslin faculty and other experts.

The NCBDE offers certification programs and examinations for those specializing in Diabetes education.

Continuing Education courses listed in the Diabetes category will keep you informed with current information about diabetes, including new developments and changes from previous practice standards.

The courses are available in a variety of formats:

The program found here, with instruction delivered over the Internet, offers a certificate from the University of Florida upon completion.

What makes this program so unique is its Internet-based delivery system and advanced curriculum. It’s designed to simplify the learning process making it convenient and easy through Internet and video presentations.

Pri-Med provides online CME Activities.

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) now offers continuing education credits.

The following products are available: